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A new way of doing the Internet...

Eastnet.ca is an independent Internet Services Provider run on the basis of getting you or your business up and running as simply and cheaply as possible. We work on the ethos that the Internet is actually pretty simple and a lot of the things that people charge small fortunes for, you could easily do yourself with a few pointers.

It works out better for us this way, we spend a lot less time fixing things for clients and we have a lot less money to count. That's a win, isn't it?

We provide design, provision, build and consultancy for most things IT related; ranging from initial specification and setup, ongoing maintenance and online services such as email, websites, blogs and wikis. We also have good professional partnerships with graphics design, search-engine optimization (SEO) and analytics companies and we have our own very well-respected security consultancy. Oh yes, we do non Internet systems and training too.

We run some very powerful and well maintained servers of our own with huge amounts of bandwidth but we also recognize that companies like Google do some things better than we can ever justify in terms of cost. We won't, for example, try and sell you an email application for a small office when Google-Apps may be able to do it so much better and for less money but we can do small-scale email services if that's all you want. What we will do is to make sure everything fits together neatly and keeps on running well. Though we say so ourselves, we have some of the best staff in the business available. Actually, we don't just say so ourselves; plenty of other people say nice things about our consultants and you can look them up on the Interweb if you want.

Nobody at Eastnet.ca draws a salary and the only full time member of staff is our long suffering technical manager. We bring in the best people for the job as they are needed which keeps our overheads right down and means we don't have to bother with annoying things like offices and payroll. It also means we can use much better people than we could otherwise justify paying and mostly, they can be based anywhere in the world. We like it that way and apparently, so do the people we work with.

We mostly cover the Atlantic and Northern Canada area but we aren't proud; this is the Internet after all. We will and do take customers from pretty much anywhere; but if you are in Siberia don't expect us to pop over for a cup of tea and face to face meetings too often; unless you are buying the tickets of course.

This page is sparse because we don't really market on the Web. If you have come to us, you have come to us through word-of-mouth. This just provides some extra information and a parking-space. Some documentation requires you to login to view it.

Companies we have worked with: