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Eastnet has a number of servers hosted in different geographic locations. Our main client server is based in Germany on high-availability multi-Gigabit/second pipes (high-speed in both directions). We have other dedicated servers housed in major Internet exchange nodes with faster connections for tasks like mirroring, backup and cloud services.

Web Hosting

We can host your website ourselves on our main servers and if your site is relatively small we are more than happy to do so. If your website is larger or you need more control over it we also have partnerships with a number of other hosting providers offering more varied and technical solutions ranging in scale. This flexibility means we don't need to oversell you something that you won't need. We are also more than happy to manage any transitions and, if required look after the ongoing systems management and maintenance.

Blog Hosting is our dedicated blog hosting platform which is ideal for both simple personal or small business weblogs and much more complex SEO oriented blogs. We have been using a multi user Wordpress system for over ten years and this setup allows you a great deal of flexibility in the look and feel of your blog site. Wordpress also has extensive photo gallery and e-commerce capabilities. It is becoming quite popular these days to use a weblog setup as the whole basis of a web page; take a look at or which are both done this way and hosted on our Wordpress servers.

DNS Hosting

DNS (the Domain Name System) is the mechanism that allows hosts connected to the Internet to turn a domain name like into a numeric address so that it can be connected to - Think of it as a telephone directory that can be updated quite quickly and easily. If you have your own domain name that you want to use for email or a website then DNS hosting is quite important. We have a number of large DNS servers and agreements with other Internet Service Providers for backups.

Wiki Hosting

As you may have noticed the Eastnet site works on a secured Wiki which is rather like Wikipedia except you have to be logged in to make any changes. It may seem a rather unusual way to build a website but once you get used to it, it's great if your website is mostly just offering information. We have setup our servers to allow multiple occurrences of a Wiki in many different ways and if you'd like to do your website this way then feel free to talk to us about it.

Other types of Hosting

Our servers run on relatively high powered Unix machines with plenty of bandwidth. If you need something we haven't covered above then the chances are we can run it for you in some way or other. We shy away from public IRC servers but other than most things are fair game!